All About Retinol with Neutrogena.

October 15, 2016

I’m sure you’ve heard all about retinol and how amazing it is for your skin. I got the chance to ask Dr. Bertha Baum a few questions about how to use retinol.

1. What is a good age to start using retinol?

That really depends on your skin. We have be using Trentoin and Adapalene (which are Vitamin A derivatives very similar to retinols) in young patients that suffer with acne as young as 12 years of  age without any concerns. However, for anti-aging purposes, I think anyone after 25 should consider it part of their regimen if their skin can tolerate it. Anyone that is pregnant should not use retinols.

2. How should I incorporate using a retinol in my everyday routine?

Retinol should be used right after washing your face. Using a pea size amount of it should be enough to apply all over the face. A good trick is to use it even under the eye to prevent dark circles and maintain that area looking youthful without stubborn wrinkles.

3. What if my skin starts getting very dry and irritated when I first start using the retinol?

I tell all my patients that this is common at the beginning and it doesn’t mean that you are allergic or having a reaction. Your skin needs to get used to the retinol. The best thing to do is to start using your retinol every 2-3 days and start increasing after a couple of weeks. That way your skin will get used to it without the temporary side effects. Another tip is to use moisturizer before applying the retinol to prevent dryness.

4. Should I stop using it or is this normal?

As mentioned, this is normal. I do tell my patients once they are irritated to discontinue use for a couple of weeks and then re-start with the trick listed above.

5. How long does it usually take for my skin to get used to the retinol?

That really depends on your skin, the percentage and vehicle of the retinol and the application process, but I would say in about 1 month your skin should be used to it

6. Is it best to use during the day or at night before bed?

The best time to apply it is once you get home and unwind by washing your face, then apply it before going to bed.

7. Can I wear it under my makeup?

Yes, you can.

It’s also important to decide what your skin concerns are. She recommends using the Rapid Tone Repair Moisturizer if your problems are hyperpigmentation, sunspots and dark spots. If your worried about aging and wrinkle formation or loss of collagen, she recommends using the Rapid Wrinkle Repaid Moisturizer. As she mentioned above, it can cause irritation and dry skin so make sure you use Hydro Boost Gel Cream. Even if you’re not using a retinol, this is the best cream EVER. It is so moisturizing while still being light! This is definitely a regimen you should implement in your everyday routine.



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