Basel: 1 Maca: 0

December 8, 2014






Top: Blush Boutique | Overalls: H&M | Plaid top: Rails | Bag: c/o Capretto South Miami | Sunglasses: Celeb Wholesale Shades | Shoes: Steve Madden 

So, the reason for my title is because Basel truly won this year. This was my first time attending Basel events. My first night was Wednesday and I had invites to the Dujour Mag party and Galore Mag party. The Dujour party started at 9:30pm and Galore at 11pm. I arrived to the W, where the Dujour party was being hosted, right on time. Only bad news, the private dinner was running late and the party was not going to start until 11. I decided to meet up with my friend at the Delano just to chill for a bit. After that, my friend and I went to the Queen of the Night party because we heard there was free champagne, um hello yes. So we sat there for a little until it was time to head to Galore. We made our way all the way to 67th and collins and arrived to a very interesting scene.There must have been a high demand for this event but the long line was not the worst part. When I finally made it to the front, I was told I was nowhere on the list and when I showed my email confirmation, I was still ignored. I decided to walk out and wait until the rest of the mob (for lack of a better word) died down. Finally, at around 1am, I tried my luck again. Still nothing. I still waited. Random people would start walking up and get in immediately. I did not understand. A gentlemen also waiting outside made a comment and said “Why aren’t you getting in, you’re beautiful.” The doormen thought it would be ok to reply with, “well there’s plenty of those in there,” while pointing at me. I decided this was time for me to go. I was so disappointed! My first night of Basel and I was tossed around like a hot potato, wasted my money on Ubers, put my feet through pain and all of this to not get into ONE event.

So here I am, sharing this outfit with my readers since no one at Basel got to enjoy it! Word to the wise, Basel isn’t all it’s cut-out to be. Thankfully, it’s all over and not all my nights were a bust. So until next year, maybe…


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