Bye Bye Filters.

May 6, 2016

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The REAL struggle is having to deal with acne and zits. Thanks to Neutrogena, I’ve got 99 problem but my skin ain’t one. 🙂

These brand new products have fallen straight into my daily routine. With the stress of moving to a new city plus studying for the GRE (I’m going back to school for my Master’s!), I needed something to also help control my face and prevent those stress pimples. That’s why my favorite is the new Rapid Clear Stubborn Acne Daily Leave-On Mask. It’s the first mask you don’t have to rinse off! I just wash my face then apply this mask all over. Don’t just put it on your problem pimples are always popping up. Treat your entire face for fewer surprise breakouts. Plus, you don’t have to rinse!

When I do the mask before bed, I always apply my night moisturizer after. When I do the mask in the morning, I follow it with the Oil Free Acne Correct & Cover Moisturizer. It keeps my skin moisturized while also actively clearing breakouts. The best part is it also provides instant sheer coverage making it the perfect base for your makeup.

Trust me, these are two products you’re not going to want to live without.



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