Finally Feeling Like Summer.

June 23, 2016



White Bikini: c/o Triangl | Blue Bikini: c/o Triangl | Coral Bikini c/o Triangl

Before I left Miami, I did one last shoot with my friend and trusty photog, Sofia. It was actually chilly this day and I was FREEZING whileĀ taking these pics. Now, back in Philly, it’s finally feeling warm! If you didn’t already know, the closest beach is the Jersey Shore which is about an hour away. I’m heading over this Friday with my boyfriend and my friend and I seriously can’t wait! Guys, I am the whitest I’ve ever been in my life! So, let the sun gods use their mighty powers to turn my skin back to its natural tan color. šŸ˜‰

Anyways, let’s go back to the real reason for this post- Triangl bikinis. You’ve probably seen them all over Instagram but that’s because they are seriously the best bikinis ever. They have the cutest prints and they honestly fit so well! I mean, they make my tiny chest look great. Plus, they’re super affordable. A setĀ rangesĀ from only $79-$89 and you can mix and match the sizes of tops and bottoms! I get an xxs on the top and a small on the bottom (just as a reference.)



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