Getting Ready with Aveeno.

May 22, 2016

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Last week, I attended the “50 Mas Bellos” event for People en Espanol. Of course, I couldn’t do it without my partner in crime, Aveeno. I am seriously in love with their new Absolutely Ageless line. As a young woman, skin is SO important, especially as you start to get older. Of course, I know I’m young and have good skin but, that doesn’t last forever! So, it’s better to get a head start on a routine for great skin.
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Before doing my makeup, I always wash my face. This is perfect way to start because it gives you a good, clean feeling without drying out your skin.

Then, I go ahead and add their Intensive Renewal Serum for a nice, smooth start to my makeup.

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It’s also very important to take care of your eyes. I’ve noticed that that’s the area of the skin that seems to age the quickest. Taking preventative measures is definitely the way to go. That’s why I love their Absolutely Ageless eye cream.

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Carhart_Bridget_template image 2-82Now, I’m ready to slap on a full face of makeup! Let’s start with the fact that I am no makeup artist and I really knew nothing about makeup until my sister started learning. She’s honestly taught me everything I know and told me every single product to buy.

I start off with this Urban Decay Naked Skin foundation. (I use color #4 just to give you an idea of what may be right for your skin tone.) I apply this with a beauty blender. If you don’t already own one, get one ASAP. They are honestly the easiest way to apply your base!

Next, comes the concealer. I suffer from very dark circles so I start off with a red/pink toned concealer from Bobbi Brown. I apply this a brush and then add my regular concealer over it. I blend this all in with my trust Beauty Blender. *dab dab*

To even out my skin, I apply a quick layer of bronzer and then of course, some blush. Then, some quick eye shadow, using a darker color from my Naked palette at the far corner of my eye and a lighter color at the beginning of my eye.

Since it was an event at night, you’ve got to go with a winged liner. The Benefit They’re Real! Liner is honestly the best tool ever created. It’s the easiest way to get the perfect wing without all the fuss. Plus, this tutorial will teach you how to get it right. 🙂

Lastly comes your mascara and highlighter. My favorite has been Roller Lash, also by Benefit. It has a great brush and really makes my lashes so long. Finish it off with some highlighter on your cheekbones, down the front of your nose and on the peak of your lips. This will give you that Kardashin glow. Hated by most but man, do I envy their daily makeup.

And, that’s all! Then, when all the fun is over, I wash my face once more and apply the Absolutely Ageless Restorative Night Cream. It deeply nourishes dry skin and helps you achieve smoother, younger looking skin as you sleep.

Stay tuned for my next post with Aveeno where I talk about my hair routine and show you what I wore to the People event.


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