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June 16, 2016

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Bear with me as this is my first “Material Man” (I’ve got to come up with a better name than that) post. In honor of Father’s day coming up, I thought I’d do a post highlighting men’s skin care and I convinced my boyfriend, Mike, to be the model/guinea pig. 😉 He tried Neutrogena Face Wash, Age-Fighting Moisturizer and Shave Cream. Of course, he loved all the products!



His favorite was the face wash. He said it was very refreshing. I honestly loved how he smelled after it! It has an amazing scent that’s so fresh and so clean *Outkast voice.*

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Side note: I’m sure you can imagine how hilarious it was to shoot this haha. Anyways, Mike has oily skin so he didn’t love the face moisturizer as an all day cream. It’s very moisturizing so he liked putting on before bed and letting it work it’s magic in his sleep. Plus, you know I always say it’s never too early to work on younger looking skin.


Lastly, the shave cream. He uses an old school foaming shave cream for his face, but he loved the Neutrogena Shave Cream for his neck. This is a sensitive area for most men so he loved the thick formula and that it cools and soothes skin at the same time.

Ladies, I totally recommend you have your men try out these products. Mike loved them and they’re extremely affordable!



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    Pretty outfit! looking stunning.

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    Such a wonderful blog!Thanks for sharing.

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