October 24, 2014


A Rolex is a timeless piece of jewelry. It exudes class, luxury and professionalism. It is an amazing piece to own and Swiss Wrist can help you find the best in Rolex watches. They offer pre-owned ladies Rolex as well as brand new Rolex watches.



My Rolex was actually purchased pre-owned. I received it as a gift from my parents for my graduation. Originally, I had wanted a Celine purse. But, as we all know, handbags (and almost all things fashion) go in and out of style regularly. I had always wanted a Rolex but was afraid I wouldn’t wear it often or it would be too fancy to wear. Boy, I was wrong. I wear mine everyday! It is a classic piece that is truly an investment. It will never go out of style and, maybe one day, I could pass down to one of my kids! I made such an amazing decision purchasing this watch. Ladies, trust me, on your next splurge…do yourself a favor and add a Rolex to your collection. You won’t regret it.


Here are some of my faves:



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