My Winter Essentials: Aveeno Body Yogurt

December 10, 2016

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As you already know, winter is the worst time for skin. The cold and dry winters really takes a toll on it. The Daily Moisturizing Yogurt Collection boosts skin wellness with the vitamins and proteins found in rich Greek yogurt while saturating your skin with intense hydration and they smell so good! Being from the Northeast means having to take extra good care of your skin. The body wash keeps your skin so moisturized and and the body yogurt is the cherry on top! I keep it in my nightstand, so after I shower, I can put it on right before bed. I wake up smelling delicious and my skin stays moisturized all day! It’s also great to use for your hands because that also something that gets SO dry during the winter. Taking care of our skin to keep it beautiful and healthy-looking is part of how many of us feel our personal best, but it’s not always easy  to make that time for ourselves. That’s why our body care routines often double as “me time” so take some time for your self with Aveeno Yogurt.


Thanks to Aveeno for sponsoring this post.

Photos by Isabella Gong

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