Prima Ballerina.

blisstulle blisstulle13blisstulle3 blisstulle4 blisstulle5 blisstulle6 blisstulle7 blisstulle8 blisstulle9 blisstulle10 blisstulle11 blisstulle12Top: American Apparel |  Skirt: c/o Bliss Tulle | Sunglasses: Retro Super Future | Bracelet: c/o Sira & Mara | RIngs: c/o Bijou Boutique | Shoes: Old

I stumbled upon this brand of tulle skirts on Instagram and instantly fell in love! I was lucky enough to collaborate and style one of these amazing, hand-made skirts. They are so girly, chic and perfect to wear. If you want to don one of these fabulous skirts, be sure to keep it simple! This skirt deserves all the attention so pair it with a simple top and keep the accessories to a minimum.

Don’t forget the top knot if you want look like the ultimate prima ballerina.



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